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If you own a pickup truck and you often carry or haul things in the truck bed, you probably need something to protect those items from theft and inclement weather.

What you need is a tonneau cover that enables you to lock your valuable items up safely in the bed of your truck, and also prevents them from getting wet or damaged from the weather.

There are many types of tonneau covers to choose from, and many companies that sell them. Shop around to select the cover that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Many people prefer a retractable tonneau cover.

Retractable tonneau covers convert pickup trucks into multi-purpose vehicles!

What is a Retractable Tonneau Cover?

A retractable tonneau cover enables you to use your pickup truck bed without removing the tonneau. This retractable cover gives excellent protection when closed. When you simply unlock and turn the latch, the tonneau cover retracts into a canister giving you full access to the contents.

The Pace Edwards JackRabbit is the standard in retractable tonneau covers among consumers.

Both the JackRabbit retractable tonneau cover and the JackRabbit Full-Metal retractable tonneau cover have the same features and benefits. The difference between the two is that the Full-Metal version is built with tough powder coated interlocking aluminum panels, versus the original JackRabbit's Armor-Tek aluminum panels with a vinyl overlay.

Tonneau Covers Have Been Proven to Improve Gas Mileage Up to 5%!

With prices soaring at the pumps, this is a considerable savings as well as an added incentive to purchase a tonneau cover for your truck!

Benefits of a Pace Edwards, JackRabbit or Full-Metal Tonneau Cover:

Perhaps the ultimate Pace Edwards retractable tonneau cover is the BedLocker. It offers the strength and versatility of the Full-Metal JackRabbit, combined with the convenience of the ability to open and close the cover with a remote. Handy!

Pace Edwards' commitment to quality has made them the market leader in the retractable tonneau cover industry. With more than 17 years of experience and over a quarter of a million covers on the road, they are certainly experts in tonneau covers!

You should compare prices, as well as customer service and warranties.
Before buying a retractable tonneau cover, shop around online for the best deals available anywhere!

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