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Roll-Top-Cover® Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the Roll-Top-Cover work?
  2. What is the Roll-Top-Cover made of?
  3. Will the cover keep the truck bed dry? What about ice and snow?
  4. Is the cover hard to install? How long will installation take?
  5. How does the Roll-Top-Cover lock?
  6. Will the cover improve my gas mileage? How?
  7. Will the cover work with my bedliner?
  8. Is there a warranty on the Roll-Top-Cover?
  9. Roll-Top-Cover® Care and Maintenance

Q: How does the Roll-Top-Cover work?

The Roll-Top-Cover slides along rails mounted to the sides of the truck bed into a canister at the front of the truck bed. The Roll-Top blanket rolls around a reel inside the canister with the help of a coil spring which maintains tension on the cover at all times making it easy to open. The canister measures 9.75” wide by 9” high.

Q: What is the Roll-Top-Cover made of?

The Roll-Top-Cover blanket consists of interlocking aluminum panels bonded to a polymer composite material. This special blend of textured polymer material will provide a long life while maintaining flexibility at sub-freezing temperatures.

Q: Will the cover keep the truck bed dry? What about ice and snow?

The Roll-Top-Cover is designed so that water collected on the top is carried to the canister. Drain tubes located at the base of the canister then take the water outside the truck, to help keep your truck bed dry. Water cannot pass through the one-piece polymer top, however water may intrude into the bed via components that are not part of the Roll-Top-Cover such as the tailgate, stake pockets, etc. These components require proper sealing during installation. We do not claim that our covers are 100% waterproof and have never heard of a competitors cover that is either. Be very cautious if a manufacturer says that their retractable cover is 100% waterproof.

Snow should be swept off of the cover with a broom before operating the cover otherwise you will end up with the snow in the truck bed. Ice can be removed by taking your hand and smacking the cover as close to the middle as possible this will cause a vibration in the cover that breaks up the ice making it easy to remove. Do not use anything but your hand for this.

Q: Is the cover hard to install? How long will installation take?

Installation is easy. All parts are an exact match to your truck – no cutting necessary! A few small holes drilled on the inside of the truck bed sill are all that is needed for installation. Optional Clamp kits are available for most application if you do not want to drill holes in your truck bed. Tools needed for most applications will be a drill (we even provide the drill bit), a medium-sized Phillips screwdriver and a medium-sized slotted screwdriver. Installation should take under 1 hour for the professional and 1-2 hours for a first time installer. See the installation instructions here.

Q: How does the Roll-Top-Cover lock?

The Roll-Top-Cover locks with a key in the center of the cover near the tailgate. The key turns arms that lock into the side rails mounted on the sides of the truck bed. Besides the lock position at the tailgate, there is also a second lock position 20 inches forward of the tailgate (for loading small items) and at 60 inches on all full-size long bed trucks for use with 5th wheel applications. Pace Edwards can add an additional locking position to fit your specifications for a small upcharge. This may add five days to the shipping date.

Q: Will the cover improve my gas mileage? How?

Your gas mileage should improve between 7% and 10% on the highway, with the cover closed on the bed (except when towing). A university study shows substantial gas mileage improvement whenever the box of a pickup is covered. Input from customers and our own experience bear out the accuracy of this claim.

Q: Will the cover work with my bedliner?

The rails on our cover are designed to fasten directly on the sill of the truck bed. If you have a bedliner that covers the sill, modification will be required. Most under-the-rail bedliners are more easily fitted with our cover, but may also require modification near the front corners. Please call our Technical Support Reps for information regarding fit with your bedliner.

Q: Is there a warranty on the Roll-Top-Cover?

Yes, there is a three-year factory defect warranty on all parts.

Q: Roll-Top-Cover® Care and Maintenance

To assure quiet, smooth operation, apply a small amount of grease to the wear strips where the metal end of the panels and the wear strips meet. This initial application should be sufficient for a year or more. Regrease the wear strips if the cover begins squeaking during use.

It is important to open and close the cover regularly; the spring that operates the cover is self-lubricated and regular use assures that it stays in proper working condition.

After installation, if the cover is tight or hard to open and close, the shimming may need to be redone. Over a period of time, if the cover becomes difficult to move in or out (particularly on hot days), check that the side-to-side clearance on the Roll-Top-Cover is set at 1/8” or more on both sides.

Drain tubes may become clogged over time and should be removed and cleaned. Periodically remove the top cover and clean out the canister.

To help keep the Roll-Top-Cover retractable tonneau cover looking its best, we recommend washing it the same as caring for your truck finish. However you should not wax your cover. Using a citrus based vinyl cleaner and protectant such as Pace Edwards Brand or the 303 brand will keep your cover looking like new. Alcohol, petroleum based or silicon-based cleaners such as Armor-All should be avoided and ARE NOT recommended for our covers.

Roll-Top-Cover ® Technical Support:

Problem Cause Fix
Cover doesn’t close all of the way to the tailgate. Rails are installed improperly Remount rails towards the tailgate.
Cover will only roll back 1/3 to ½ of the way back, then stops. Something could be lodged in the rails.

Possible Broken Spring
Remove any foreign objects from the covers path in the rails and inside the canister box.

Check the spring tension by manually rolling the cover, if you suspect that the spring is broken, contact Pace Edwards or your local dealer.
Cover appears to be grey or white in color (fading) Using waxes or other cleaners on the cover will create a build up along with particles of dust causing your cover to appear as though it is fading. Pace Edwards covers do not fade. We recommend using a mild soap and water solution along with a soft bristled brush to scrub away any impurities. Once removed we recommend using a protectant such as Pace Edwards Brand
Cover is hard to roll back Inner rails may be in too close Unscrew the screws on the underside of the rails and adjust the inner rail outwards (toward the truck bed rails)

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