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The reason most truck owners choose retractable tonneau covers is that they give instant access to your pickup bed without removing the cover. With the cover closed your gear is fully protected. When you unlock the cover and turn the latch the cover retracts into a canister, giving you full access to the contents of the bed. Flush top designs also increase gas mileage-between seven and fifteen percent.

The sleek Pace Edwards JackRabbit is the gold standard of retractable tonneau covers. The JackRabbit Full Metal has powder-coated interlocking aluminum panels, while the original JackRabbit has aluminum panels with a vinyl overlay. The Pace Edwards Speed Clamp attaching system makes installation easy, with no drilling. JackRabbit covers have Continuous Tension Springs that take very little effort to close. A weather-sealed latching system allows the cover to be latched every 12 inches.

The Pace Edward Bedlocker is the best of the best. This innovative retractable tonneau cover has the strength and versatility of the Full Metal JackRabbit plus remote controlled opening and closing. You can wire the Bedlocker remote control to lock your power doors, providing complete remote security for your pickup. The electrical remote control lets you lock the Bedlocker in any position. The Bedlocker has a powerful motor drive and a manual release option to use if your truck loses power.

Pace Edwards still carries its original retractable tonneau cover, and has upgraded it to make it even better. The cover now includes standard lock covers that protect the lock cylinder. Special grooves in the rails make it easier to install.

If you want to carry recreational gear above the cover, you can do that with explorer series rails. Black power-coated extruded aluminum rails have keyhole style channels that make it easy to install interchangeable sport or utility mounts with no drilling. You can order these special rails in place of the standard rails that come with JackRabbit and Bedlocker retractable tonneau covers.

Another handy upgrade is an electric tailgate lock that locks your tailgate whenever you lock your power doors. A plug-and-go wiring harness makes it easy to install. If you don't have power doors, a switch kit option means you can still lock your tailgate and secure your contents.

While no retractable tonneau cover is 100 percent water proof, Pace Edwards covers have drain tubes located at the base of the canisters that direct water to the outside of the truck. To keep the drainage system working at its best, clean the drain tubes if they become clogged and clean out the canister every once in a while.

Proper installation of the cover helps keep contents dry. Also, it's important to open and close the cover periodically to keep it operating smoothly. To avoid getting snow in the bed, sweep snow off the cover with a broom before opening the cover. If there's ice on the cover, smack the middle of the cover with your hand to break up the ice and make it easy to brush off. Don't use anything but your hand to smack the ice or you could damage your tonneau cover. 

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