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Pick-up trucks are great for hauling cargo, supplies and even pulling trailers and boats. But unfortunately, without a tonneau cover your truck's usability is limited. For example, you won't be able to haul certain items during rain or snowstorms if your truck bed has no cover. If you do choose to haul items in bad weather, you'll have to take extra time to cover your cargo with a tarp and tie it securely to keep the wind from blowing it off. This can become annoying after a while. A retractable tonneau cover can solve many problems and make life as a truck owner more rewarding than ever.

Some Benefits to Consider

Retractable tonneau covers offer a number of benefits to make your truck more usable. Convenience is probably the most important. Retractable truck covers not only cover your truck, but they do so without hassle. You can cover and uncover your truck bed in just moments without having to basically re-install and uninstall your tonneau cover every time. Retractable tonneaus either operate by remote control or may be easily retracted by unlatching a mechanism. Some close just as easily. For example, the Jackrabbit tonneau cover by Pace Edwards can be closed by simply using a pull strap. As an added bonus, these covers can be latched every 12 inches or so, enabling the truck owner to load smaller cargo as needed without exposing the entire truck bed.

Many pick-up truck owners who are interested in a great look will opt for retractable tonneau covers because these are mounted flush with the top of the truck bed rail. This gives a sleek look, and from a side view makes it appear as if there's no cover at all! Some tonneau covers will help improve your truck's gas mileage by reducing air drag.

If you want to store valuable items in your truck bed, some retractable tonneaus can be locked either with key or remote control. You may be able to control the lock mechanism with your door locks as well, making it easy to secure your entire truck from break-ins and theft. This makes traveling for work or pleasure convenient and safe if you normally store luggage or business products in your truck bed.

How It Works

High quality tonneaus can often be installed in about 15 minutes. Some offer drill free installation so you won't have to drill through your truck bed rails to attach the tonneau. Instead, you can install it with special speed clamps that are tightened with bolts. Once installed, you can close and retract the tonneau easily and enjoy a better looking, more secure truck. With an electric tailgate lock feature, you'll have all the security and hauling space needed to perform daily tasks.
Buying a Retractable Tonneau Cover

You can shop around at a local tonneau cover dealer or buy a retractable tonneau online. Either way, be sure to compare all the features, materials and ease of installation before making a selection. Look for high quality brands and models such as Pace Edwards, Full Metal, Jackrabbit, or Bedlocker. Also, be sure to buy a tonneau that will meet your everyday needs with very little hassle.

Buying online enables you to view a variety of tonneau covers, photos, descriptions, features, materials used, installation instructions, etc. at the click of a mouse. Retractable tonneau covers can make truck ownership more pleasant and convenient than you ever dreamed!


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