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If you've recently purchased a retractable tonneau cover or are at least thinking about it, consider adding a bed rail system to create even more versatility for your pickup truck. Bed rail systems are truck accessories that can be custom-fitted to work with certain types of retractable tonneaus. With these you'll be able to get more use out of your tonneau cover because they enable the installation of sport/utility rig mounts.

How Do Bed Rails and Rig Mounts Work?

The bed rails fit snugly along with your tonneau cover as long as you order compatible rails. They support a utility rig mount firmly, which is usually suspended in the air upwards, enabling your retractable tonneau cover to open and close with ease underneath. Once in place, the rig mount can be used to haul sports or utility equipment that is weather resistant while keeping valuables or items subject to weather damage safely under the retractable tonneau cover. It's similar to using a luggage rack to give more room inside a car or van.

Not only can you haul more items at once using a bed rail system and rig mount, but you can pick and choose which equipment or items you'd rather leave exposed to the elements or thieves. Modern retractable tonneaus often have a secure lock system in place so you can lock away items you don't want seen by the public. This works great when you're out and about, parking for periods of time during work or play.

When you take your next hiking or fishing trip, or a family excursion, place luggage, coolers, picnic items, valuables, etc. in the bed of the truck under your tonneau cover. Then, secure bikes or other heavier recreational gear to your rig mount. This gives you more room in your truck bed without having all of your items exposed.

Choosing a Bed Rail System

Be sure to choose a bed rail system that is designed to be installed with your type of tonneau cover. For example, the Explorer Series bed rails by Pace Edwards can be installed with JackRabbit (Full Metal or Original) and Bedlocker retractable tonneau covers. These are black-powder coated extruded aluminum rails featuring keyhole-style channels, which enable you to instantly secure exchangeable rig mounts. No-drill clamps are used to install the rails. Explorer Series rails can accommodate Utility Rig Racks(R), Contractor Rig Racks(R) and MultiSport(TM) Racks. The main thing you'll want to make sure of is that the bed rails are compatible with your tonneau and truck size and shape. Also, be sure a warranty is available in case something goes wrong during or after installation.

Bed rails can easily be ordered online along with retractable tonneau covers and rig mounts to fit your needs. Be sure to stick with quality brands such as Pace Edwards to ensure security and easy installation of your items. Most items can be installed from your home with no drilling. Instructions are provided, so this saves time and gives you peace of mind that your bed rails and tonneau cover are installed properly. Some online stores have special offers if you order your bed rails along with a tonneau cover. So if you're contemplating either of these items, look for a combination that works for you! 

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