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When adding a tonneau cover to your pickup truck, you'll want a cover that's durable, weather-resistant and design-friendly. With a fiberglass Leer tonneau cover, you can have all of these without breaking the bank. With several fiberglass lid designs in various colors, it's easy to match a tonneau with your truck and style.

Benefits of Fiberglass Tonneaus

Fiberglass tonneau lids are not only stylish, but are also lightweight and easy to install. The hard covers feature locks so you can easily protect your merchandise. They also hide valuable items from outside view. The fiberglass material (sometimes used to build entire car bodies) is lightweight but very strong to withstand wear and tear as well as weather. Most are easily accessible and have hinges for easy opening and closing. There are designs that will open from both sides so you can access whichever side needed without lifting the entire truck tonneau.

You can customize a fiberglass truck tonneau to match your truck's exterior paint colors and to blend with other design features. Tonneaus can even be painted with a business logo or your favorite artistic designs.

Familiarize Yourself with Tonneau Designs

Buying online enables you to review all the features and benefits of various truck lids before you commit to a purchase. For example, with fiberglass Leer tonneau covers, you can compare various models such as the 800 Series, the 700 Series, or the 550R Series. The 800 Series features a Leer Quick-Release hinge, a Leer SuperLift system, a Leer FlexSeal water barrier, optional keyless remote, primer gelcoat, fiber-based honeycomb, a Billet stainless steel lock with a cover.

The 700 Series is a little more upscale if you desire high-dimension styling. It features a Leer articulating four-bar hinge, hand-laid fiberglass, Leer twist handle rotary lathes, and marine plywood and/or metal reinforcements. The mid-priced 550R Series has easy no-drill installation, low profile styling, a removable four-bar hinge, Leer's SuperLift system, heavy-gauge locking rods, a black anodized Leer flip handle lock, gas assist props, and more.

All these tonneau covers add value to your truck while also increasing gas mileage. Studies show that gas mileage improves with certain tonneaus because the tonneau reduces aerodynamic drag.

Fiberglass Tonneau Shopping Hints

When shopping for tonneau covers, look for styles you love that will work with your truck's size and design. Also compare features and pricing online to learn what's available. Look for key benefits such as friendly customer service, a lifetime warranty on paint color fading and the tonneau cover's structure, easy no-drill installation, and tonneaus with lock and security features.

There are also retractable tonneaus and folding or soft tonneaus including those that snap on. While browsing the many truck covers, look for all the features to fit your needs and budget. Keep in mind that the more easy-to-use features a tonneau has, the more time you'll save when loading and unloading cargo.

You'll be pleasantly surprised to see high quality truck lids such as fiberglass Leer tonneaus at such affordable prices when you shop on the Web!


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