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If you travel often in your truck, you might want to consider adding a Leer tonneau cover to your pick-up. Leer tonneau covers offer a number of benefits to make traveling in a truck easier and more affordable. Tonneau covers come in many brands and styles, but it's important to get a high quality truck lid when it comes to taking road trips. Whether you're planning a trip to the next town or to a state 1,500 miles away, you'll want the most durable, secure tonneau cover you can find.

Trucks have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to cross-country travel. While they offer more room for cargo and are convenient for just one or a few people to travel, trucks are not typically economical when it comes to fuel. Also, placing luggage and other belongings in an open truck bed will expose your items to weather elements as well as leave them in plain view for all to see. Even if you already have a truck cover, some tonneaus just won't suffice when it comes to traveling long distances.

Safety during Travel

Leer fiberglass tonneaus are not only durable, but can protect your belongings from the weather and theft. Adding a Leer truck lid can even improve your truck's gas mileage. Three popular styles are the Leer 550R Series, Leer 700 Series and Leer 800 Series. These are built with amazing features to make traveling safer and more enjoyable. You can lock your luggage and valuables away without worry of theft during stops with features such as the Billet stainless steel lock with a cover. This type of lock can give you peace of mind as you stop along the way to fuel up, see sights and dine at restaurants. Some tonneau covers also come with an optional keyless remote just in case you need to lock or unlock it without a key.

When you need to unload or retrieve items from the truck bed at night, you can opt for a Leer tonneau cover with an on/off 12-volt dome light. This provides light for safe unloading no matter what time of night you arrive at your hotel. With features like the FlexSeal water barrier, your luggage will be safe from leakage and moisture during rain or snow.

Tonneau Covers and Gas Mileage Facts

Improved gas mileage really comes in handy when taking frequent road trips. Recent wind tunnel tests have confirmed that Leer brand tonneaus can reduce coefficient drag by over 6 percent. Tests conducted in January 2007 by SEMA provide conclusive evidence to this fact, proving beyond doubt that fuel economy can be improved by about 6 to 9 percent by adding a fiberglass tonneau. When you travel a lot on the road - whether for business or pleasure - every drop of fuel counts! You can get the most gas mileage out of your truck and save money for other treats along the way by simply adding a high quality tonneau.

Even if your town doesn't have a local retailer for high quality truck tonneaus, you can quickly find great brands such as Leer tonneau covers online at affordable rates. Tonneau dealers also carry other truck accessories if you need a truck bed liner or other items. View charts and examples online for all types of vehicles including Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge and others to find just the right lid for your pick-up. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you realize all the benefits of a tonneau cover as well as the sleek beauty it adds to your truck's design!


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