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Putting a retractable tonneau cover on your truck is one of the best upgrades you can add to your rig. A retractable tonneau cover increases gas mileage, protects your valuables, and looks great on your truck. The tonneau cover will create a more aerodynamic profile and improve your fuel economy - up to 5% improvement. Tools, gear, luggage or anything else you lock under a hard tonneau cover is less likely to "walk off." And, anything you put in a tonneau-covered bed is sheltered from the elements.

Tonneau covers come in a variety of materials - from soft vinyl to vinyl-covered or powder-coated aluminum - and two main styles - solid or rolling closed and open. Although a soft tonneau is technically retractable, the term is usually reserved for those that are made of a series of connected aluminum panels that open and close like a garage door.

Retractable tonneau covers are considered the ultimate, providing the best features of both soft and hard. Covers like the Pace Edwards JackRabbit, BedLocker, and Full Metal JackRabbit are quicker and easier to open, allow for oversized loads, and usually present a lower profile as with a soft tonneau, and are more durable, weather resistant, and secure as with a hard tonneau. In addition, a feature that neither the soft nor the hard tonneaus offer is partial bed access, with pre-set stopping positions along the rails.

The aluminum panels of which retractable tonneaus are constructed can vary some among makes and models. The panels can be vinyl-covered, plastic-covered, powder-coated, or bare. The plastic-covered ones have a tendency to scratch and discolor and the bare ones allow debris to get in-between, thus making them harder to open and close.

The retraction mechanisms can vary somewhat. Some offer a continuous tension spring allowing them to close easier. Some have a reel and spring assembly that makes them easier to open. Some have multiple positions along the rail at which they can lock, allowing for partial coverage when needed; the number of positions varies. And, the ultimate in retraction is electronic with a remote.

Some variations in overall design include the profile and the canister that holds the tonneau when retracted. Some models are flush with the bed rails (low profile) so that the tonneau appears to be an integral part of the truck. The design of the canister may be constructed of plastics strong enough to withstand the impact of shifting cargo, while others require an extra shield to protect against dents in the tonneau.

The last consideration, whether you are doing it yourself or having it done professionally, is installation. Some use clamps while others are screwed into the truck bed. Using the clamps eliminates the need to create screw holes in the bed - thus preventing rust - and makes installation easier and faster.

Becoming familiar with all of the options available in a retractable tonneau cover - panel construction, overall construction, retraction mechanisms, and installation - is sure to enhance your buying experience as well as your enjoyment of ownership.


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