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The trend of customizing light trucks with specialty equipment may be one you've enjoyed indulging. But did you know there's a single accessory that can add style, security and versatility to your truck? A retractable tonneau cover lets you ride in style while protecting whatever you're hauling.

Here are three quick tips for selecting the right one for your vehicle.

Look for Versatility

By allowing you to access your load without cumbersome tonneau removal, a retractable tonneau cover lends real versatility to your light truck. While selecting a cover for your truck bed, opt for features that allow you to load and go quickly.

Remote-controlled retractable tonneau covers like the Pace Edwards Bedlocker give truck owners unparalleled ease of use. The push of a button sets the cover gliding down custom rails, giving full access to whatever is in the bed of the truck. If your truck bed is high traffic, make it even more versatile with a cover you control remotely.

Insist on Security

If you're like most light truck owners, you want to know that what you're hauling is secure. Full metal retractable tonneau covers built from aluminum panels offer improved security as well as style. Combined with remote controlled locking features like those found on the Pace Edwards Bedlocker, your truck becomes virtually tamper-proof.

Also look for "latch and lock" features that let you lock down the cover at intervals along the rails. This allows you to keep the bed secure, even with an irregular-shape load. Pace Edwards covers, in particular, seem to offer this feature in several models, especially the JackRabbit.

One more reason truck owners install tonneau covers is to protect the truck bed from the elements. With the right features, like interlocking panels and drain tubes to draw moisture away from the top, you can eliminate most of the damage rain, ice and snow cause to your truck bed.

Focus on Style

Even if you use your light truck constantly for hauling, there's no reason to sacrifice style. Today's retractable tonneau covers offer sleek styling as well as load security.

Look for durable finishes like powder-coated aluminum to insure a tough, good-looking cover. Another good option is a vinyl polymer cover built on an aluminum frame. Both materials are tough enough to withstand years of use without showing the wear.

While you're shopping, ask about low-profile tonneau cover models. These provide a flush fit that hides the hardware, so they won't detract from a great looking truck. Some truck owners prefer the classic good looks of an "old school" roll-top cover. Take the time to find a style that adds class to your truck's profile.

By the way, not only will a retractable tonneau cover improve your truck's looks, it can also increase your gas mileage. An independent wind tunnel study by the Specialty Equipment Market Association proved that adding a tonneau cover can decrease the drag factor in almost every truck model.

Installing a retractable tonneau cover is always a great investment for truck owners. With some careful shopping, you'll find a cover that gives you greater versatility and load security while preserving your truck's smooth styling.


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