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There's just something about a sharp-looking, high performance light truck that no other vehicle can match. Those of us who love pickup trucks keep driving them through economic recessions, gas price hikes and increasing urbanization. One reason many of us remain loyal is the wide variety of after-market parts available to sharpen a truck's image. No accessory does that better than a retractable tonneau cover.

Just in case you're still on the fence about whether a tonneau cover helps your truck's image, let's compare a set of scenarios. First, imagine your late model pickup with tie-downs crisscrossing the bed, trying to secure an unwieldy load of building supplies into the back of the truck.

The tarp you stopped and stretched across your sheetrock when it started raining is flapping in the wind, so you throw a spare tire on it and make a run for home. Not exactly the image you hoped to project when you bought that cool pickup truck, is it?

Now, let's shift that scenario and add a great looking retractable tonneau cover to your vehicle. You pull up to the home improvement store loading dock, push the remote to unlock the tailgate and watch your tonneau cover slide open to access the entire bed. Once loaded, if you're lucky enough to have one of the top brands in retractable tonneau covers like Pace Edwards, your cover glides closed, protecting the entire load from the weather.

A flip of the remote and both the cover and tailgate lock, letting you focus on the drive home, not the load in your truck bed. What could possibly make you look sharper to the other truck owners lined up at the loading dock?

As you drive through the rain, your mighty machine is as sleek as a high-end sports car, thanks to the invisible hardware and powder coated aluminum tonneau cover protecting your load. And did we mention how easy unloading will be? Back into the driveway and wait for the storm to pass. Your sheetrock and two-by-fours stay dry under your bed cover, and you won't be wrestling with wet tie-downs when it's time to unload.

Truck owners looking for a sharp look as well as versatility combine full-metal retractable tonneau covers with Explorer rails that let them carry large equipment up above without messy tie downs. Securely attached to the sides of the truck, they don't interfere with the bed cover's operation. These easily configured rails, installed over a tonneau cover, make your truck the ultimate outdoor sports vehicle.

Throw your sleeping bags, food and tents under the cover, lock your bikes and other large gear onto the rails and head for the campsite. You'll be the envy of everyone who had to tie down gear in the bed of a truck!

There's no reason to sacrifice good looks for utility when you own a light truck. Today's retractable tonneau covers are an affordable solution to "bed clutter". If you haven't researched today's high-tech tonneau covers, you're in for a pleasant surprise!



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