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I have a pickup truck and I'm a scuba diver. Scuba diving requires lots of specialized equipment and that equipment takes a lot of space. It's only natural that a pickup truck would be the perfect solution for hauling and organizing scuba gear because of its size, but the biggest problem has always been keeping the truck bed's contents safe and secure. A friend of mine told me about Pace Edwards retractable tonneau covers. So, I did some research, I bought and installed one, and was amazed at how well it works and how inexpensively my problem had been solved!

To go scuba diving you often have to travel to get to your destination. Sometimes I travel by plane, but more often by driving my vehicle. When I lived in Tennessee I drove my truck to places as far away as South Florida and all the way to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for dive trips. One of the nice things about driving is that you don't have to really limit how much you take because a lot will fit in the bed of a truck. Knowing that the Jackrabbit Tonneau Cover was protecting my belongings from loss while driving, from the elements, and from theft made the retractable tonneau cover well worth the price!

I purchased my Jackrabbit tonneau cover several years ago and now most of my friends who have trucks have purchased tonneau covers, too. I was looking online the other day because I had seen one that wasn't familiar to me. I found out that Pace Edwards now offers several types of retractable tonneau covers. They still offer the Jackrabbit, but now they have the Full Metal Jackrabbit, and the Bedlocker Tonneau Cover, too.

Each of these covers works basically the same way, but each model up has more features. The Jackrabbit is made of automotive grade vinyl with aluminum panels that run from side to side, allowing rigidity, but enough flexibility for the cover to roll up. The Full Metal Jackrabbit is made of tough powder coated aluminum strips. These strips are interlocking, which makes this cover strong and durable. Installation is simple and can easily be accomplished in less than an hour. You don't even have to drill holes in your truck to install it! When closed, the tonneau cover snaps into place and even has a key lock to insure security. The Bedlocker tonneau cover is fully automatic, has a remote that can be used to lock your truck as well as your cover, but allows for manual operation in the event of power failure. This model drops in and is installed within an hour.

Knowing that my dive gear is safe and secure brings great peace of mind. I remember how it was before I discovered tonneau covers and the contents of the truck bed would be exposed. We'd often go into a restaurant after the dive and I'd always worry if my equipment would even be there when we were finished eating. The theory of "out of sight out of mind" goes a long way. Pickup trucks are handy and extremely popular. I cannot foresee ever owning a truck without a retractable tonneau cover.


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