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Electric retractable tonneau covers enable you to store items in your truck bed with as little hassle as possible. Tonneau designs have progressed amazingly in recent years, providing ease of storage for busy lifestyles. If you're looking for quick, safe storage, here are some facts to know about electric retractable tonneaus before you buy.

Protective from Weather Elements

When closed, retractable tonneau covers provide protection for your goods from the weather elements. It's nice to know your tools, luggage, hunting gear, and maybe even groceries are protected during rainstorms, hail, sleet, snow and windstorms. High quality electric retractable tonneau cover brands such as Pace Edwards are sealed to keep wind and moisture out. They are designed in a streamlined manner for a snug fit, enabling you to store an assortment of products without worry.

Take a family vacation in your truck and pack all your luggage and valuables safely in your truck bed. You'd be taking a big risk if you don't have a truck bed cover...even if the weather's clear when you leave home. Being able to store your travel items in the truck bed gives all passengers much more breathing room in the cab. This can be great relief if you have kids, even in a large King Cab truck!

Easy Remote Control

Control your retractable tonneau with ease using a remote control. With a remote, opening and closing your tonneau is as simple as turning the channel on the television or locking a car! Most electric tonneau remote controls can be attached to your keychain for quick access. This comes in handy if you need to unlock your truck and open your tonneau quickly...maybe while your hands are full of items that are to be loaded into your truck bed. And what about those times when carrying groceries during a rain downpour, and you need to load them in a hurry? Remote control takes the hassle out of using your truck bed to store a variety of items in any type of weather.

If you use your truck for work, an electric retractable tonneau may save you time and money. If in sales, you'll be able to load and unload products more quickly if making deliveries or when providing product demonstrations. If you use the truck in construction, painting or carpentry, you'll be able to store your valuable work tools, supplies, work clothes and anything else needed to get the job done. With new security locks, your tonneau will also protect your valuable work items from theft. This gives peace of mind while at home and on the job.

Added Features

When shopping for a retractable tonneau cover, look for added features to fit your lifestyle and budget. For example, BedLocker tonneaus by Pace Edwards have a flush mounted clamp-in design, with patent-pending speed clamps to make installation easier than ever...no drilling required. The remote control operation can stop the tonneau cover at any point while opening or closing. It also features a cargo light for easy loading in the dark. Pace Edwards also manufactures the JackRabbit Cover, which features the brand's exclusive Continuous Tension Spring (CTS), allowing the hard cover to open automatically when the latch mechanism is turned, and it closes with just as much ease using a pull strap. For the ultimate in strength and durability, opt for the Full Metal JackRabbit, which features a full metal deck made of tough powder coated, extruded aluminum panels. The panels are interlocked for added strength.

Electric retractable tonneau covers also have accessories for a variety of uses, including metal rails for recreational gear such as bicycles, utility and contractor racks for work cargo, tailgate sealers, and specialty bedliners. With an electric tonneau, you'll never have to worry about the protection and security of your expensive cargo again!


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